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Every event brand has its own unique story. Here are some questions to get you thinking about it. You can either write your answers down or, if you’re not the event’s founder, record an interview with that person. It makes it a living, breathing entity with its own thoughts and feelings. It gives it its own voice and ways of saying things, and it sets the viewpoint through which your brand sees the world. We all love a good story. So if you want your audience to sit up and listen, don’t bore them with fact and figures; give them a narrative they can engage with. Put your attendees at the centre of your story and you’ll have their attention! We may be a little biased, but Stillmotion’s blog is a must-read for all filmmakers. The blog is dedicated to helping filmmakers put Story First. Learn tips and tricks from a multi-Emmy Award-winning production company who dedicate themselves to understanding and sharing the power of story. And free tutorials give readers actionable opportunities to improve their craft.

No matter the medium with which we work, we storytellers share a mission, and there’s much we can learn from those of other trades and backgrounds.

With the internet breaking down barriers between cultures and making more information instantly available, it is much easier for us to connect, collaborate and learn about the craft of storytelling from others. But the internet can also make things noisier—sometimes it’s hard to know where to look to be inspired and stay challenged.

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