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It’s the wedding season! Let’s take a look at one of the most interesting and vibrant Indian wedding ceremonies, the Haldi ceremony.

The Haldi ceremony is a ritual holy bath also known as pithi ceremony, which is one of the pre-wedding ceremonies in India. Turmeric (haldi), oil and water are applied to both the bride and groom by married women on the morning of the wedding. The mixture is believed to bless the couple before the wedding. It is known to have properties that leave the skin fair and glowing. The haldi in some Indian communities is considered auspicious and also signifies protection.

The auspiciousness of this ingredient and its colour brings prosperity to the couple to start off their new life together. In many other cultures, this is also the reason the bride and groom wear yellow clothes on their wedding day. It is known by several names in different regions, like ubtanmandha and tel baan.

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