How To Plan An Eco-Friendly Wedding!!!!!!!

How To Plan An Eco-Friendly Wedding!!!!!!!

This is something we really hope more couples do consciously! Even as Indian weddings are evolving with time, here’s hoping more couples and families become more eco friendly  conscious and do their bit for the society and the environment while they can.

DIY as much as you can:

Use easy things without waste to make wedding decor, so you don’t have to source it.

Use reusable wedding decor:

Mirror or Chalkboard signs instead of printed one. These are  good idea as they can be erased and used again.

Wedding Invites:

You can opt for e-invites which is eco friendly. Indians are getting familiar with the trend of whatsapp &  email invites, and these digital invitation are no more looked as informal invitations. There is an endless scope of creativity with the e-invite designs, and moreover, you even end up saving a lot of money as some portals allow you to design e-wedding invites for free.

Deal with food wastage wisely:

A lot of food is wasted at weddings. But instead of just throwing it away, you can donate it to an NGO . There are several organizations who willingly pick up extra food from the wedding venues and feed it to the needy people. Discuss this with your caterer so that they can make the required packaging arrangements.

How to Plan On Budget Bride To Be Party

How to Plan On Budget Bride To Be Party

Before you begin to fall into the bridezilla zone, you need a bride to be party to get you in the mood. But first, let’s be honest about a few things, Bachelorette parties need not mean expensive gifts and crazy costly vacations. They also don’t entail the bride paying for it fully or the bridesmaids pitching in entirely. It all depends on the plan and the situation. But whoever is planning it needs to know a few things. Get hold of a few resources to get this super event going in the right direction without emptying the wallet.

Trim the guest list. It’s about choosing the right people and trimming it down to basics. The guest list can only contain people who the bride is okay to be around. So the less people you keep the party to, the better you can make the party for the ones in it.

Intimate Vs Crazy Big. When it comes to bachelorette parties, don’t go just for the sake of it. If your friend loves vineyards or picnics, try to plan it around it. Glamping is a great option for outdoorsy girls

Opt for DIY decor instead of splurging on a decorator / planner. We Swasthik event planner are actually a step aside from the tacky decor you get everywhere. Personalise things too they make bespoke napkins and banners etc. And they also divide merch according to the theme so you don’t have to think too much.

Staycations: If you don’t want to spend too much on an overseas trip with your BFFs, all you need to do is to plan a staycation. Staycations are all about staying with your friends. Sharing a room + spa + brunch for a weekend at a decent 3-5 star hotel. That way, you don’t need to spend on plane tickets and accommodation.

Ladies Night Out:  Is a good day to host your bachelorette. Pick your favourite pub, go to their ladies night out. Then head home for a DIY party night. Always a good idea.

A drive out day that costs less than a room at a  five-star. Plan a road trip and leave a mark. Get your BFFs and go out of town – only an hour away so you can plan stopovers on the way. Food courts, a nice pub, a picnic, a hike  all rolled into one.

Play fun games- they are free:  Make a list of “To-do”‘s that every girl in the bachelorette has to do. Organise a Bridal Treasure Hunt through the evening, put in clues about the bride and have friends crawl all over your locality finding fun things to do. End up at your favourite pub or restaurant and celebrate the victory over drinks.

Take normal things and up their style quotient. That’s how you do less. For example, instead of a custom cake, go for a generic one but add your own icing and sprinkles and cake toppers. Add icing on oreos or crackers. And lastly, don’t forget to ask discounts wherever you go.

The Love Between Mother And Daughter

The Love Between Mother And Daughter

It is the wedding day of the daughter that brings out the treasured love between the two, visible for everyone around. It is amazing how priceless the bond between a mother and a daughter is. And how it changes for the better over time. Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.

My little girl is all grown up now

It feels like yesterday when we got her home from the hospital and look her now; all grown up, young, beautiful, successful and outgoing. How I wish that time would cease right here and right now!

Secret of Happiness

Her little daughter is all set to be the part of another family, a new life awaits her. And this is the right time to share the secret of marital bliss with your little daughter. Her little daughter is all set to be the part of another family, a new life awaits her. And this is the right time to share the secret of marital bliss with your little daughter.

She has found the right life partner

Daughter knows the difference between right and wrong. She has been making significant decisions up till now and this time too, has certainly made the right one. We couldn’t have asked for a better, more caring and loving son-in-law.

She should always be an independent and confident woman

However well to do her new family might be, however plus her husband’s job might be, I wish she always goes out and work. Working will not only give her a way to save but also the correct exposure to keep up with the changing times. That will make her self sufficient, confident and independent as well.

Smiling the Tears Away

The bride, almost in tears, looks away as the mother plants a kiss on the forehead of her little girl who has now grown up to be a bride. Here the mother and daughter are sharing a smile. But, only a mother knows how it feels to smile throughout the wedding photo sessions while the heart is breaking inside.

One Last Hug

From tomorrow it is only your memories, darling daughter. No matter how old she becomes or how far she might go, for us, she will always be a small little child who played in our laps.

It is truly said that because God could not be present everywhere and all the time, he made parents. They might seem annoying when they restrict us or scold us but when time changes and we ourselves become parents and step into their shoes, we realize how right they were in doing whatever they did. It is because of them that we are what we are today.

Saptapadi -The Seven Steps

Saptapadi -The Seven Steps

  Saptapadi quite literally translates from Sanskrit to ‘seven steps’.There are many regional differences that occur in the execution of this ritual.  Some Ritis (rituals) sound straight out of a romantic movie, but they indeed are as romantic as a Hindu wedding can get. Popularly known as ‘Saat Phere’ or Saptapadi, meaning seven steps, this ritual between the bride and the groom is what officiates the wedding ceremony as per Hindu marriage traditions.  In South Indian tradition it is customary that the couple take seven steps due south. This portion of the ceremony takes places following the tying of the Mangalsutra and establishes the commitment the couple makes to each other during the Hindu wedding ceremony. The couple takes seven steps, representing the seven principles and promises they make to each other.

These seven steps parallel that ideal in that the couple ‘vows’ to successfully fulfill these principles during their married life. Although Saptapadi is addressed by different terms in different regions, the vows and ritual methods remain almost the same.


What are the 7 vows and their meanings?

While the couple is taking the steps, the priest dictates mantras pertaining to each specific step. The Groom takes the pinky finger (or hand) of his Bride and leads her take steps. Each of these steps signifie a specific meaning for both the Bride and Groom. Complementary meanings that ensure that they will work as a unit to make this marriage successful, healthy, and prosperous.

The first vow is for good health, a better household, acceptance of responsibilities towards each other’s families. The second vow is to work towards a richer mental and spiritual self-existence together. The third vow is about the importance of wealth, a promise to earn it with full honesty. The fourth vow is about mutual understanding, respect towards each other, trust, happiness and a promise to self to acquire knowledge throughout life. The fifth promise is seeking blessings from the almighty for a fertile life and healthy children a head. The sixth vow is for a healthy and long life. The seventh and the final vow is a promise to stay committed, honest and true to each other, for life.

This saptapadi ceremony off by having the bride touch seven beetlenuts in turn with her toe, while her groom helps her keep her balance.

After the conclusion of Saptapadi ceremony and taking blessings of gods and goddesses, both the bride and the groom proceed towards seeking blessings from the elders of the family. In many regions, there are a certain set of shlokas that the couple recites post Saptapadi, for each other. These recitals speak about accepting officially, in front of the family. That both the bride and the groom, have accepted each other as their partners for the next seven lives.

Bride story

Bride story

Bride Story, we’ve seen our fair share of weddings—and with that, just about every wedding trend in the book. Because the overused (hello, mason jars!), the popular shout out to the donut bars, the classic we’re thinking of you, rose petal littered aisles, and the unique like dedicating your cocktail hour decor to your fur baby. It’s the latter that create a memorable and personalized touch, that allowing your wedding to truly to stand out. It’s all in the details, and as  well as more unique, the better!But how do you decide which unique details to include & how do you even come up them in the first place?besides that’s where we come in. We’ve taken a look at the creative, the inventive, and the thoughtful and compiled them all into one place, right here.

You’ll find everything from catering selections (such as food stations offering local cuisine) and the personalized decor (like table runners printed with your vows) to bouquet ideas (wreaths instead, anyone?) and entertainment options (one bride and groom opted out of their first dance for a Twister game).

Unique Bride Story

When it comes down to the implementing unique Bride Story, we’ve seen our fair share of weddings—and with that, just about every wedding trend in the book; the overused (hello, mason jars!), the popular (shout out to the donut bars), the classic (we’re thinking of you) . The unique (like dedicating your cocktail hour decor to your fur baby). Further create a memorable & personalized touch allowing your wedding to truly to stand out. It’s all in the details, and the more unique, the better! Beside how do you decide which unique details to include & how do you even come up them in the first place. That’s where we come in. We’ve taken a look at the creative, the inventive, the thoughtful & compiled them all into one place, right here. Behold  distinctive ideas to put your own spin on.

You’ll find everything from catering selections & personalized decor (like table runners printed with your vows) to bouquet ideas (wreaths instead, anyone?) and entertainment options (one bride and groom opted out of their first dance for a Twister game).

We promise, though—these ideas do all the thinking for you!
Helping The Others Realize The Advantages

Helping The Others Realize The Advantages

Helping The Others Realize The Advantages Of event loop in javascript

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A Simple Key For Event Management

A Simple Key For Event Management

A Simple Key For Event management companies in india Unveiled

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An Unbiased View Of eventshigh

An Unbiased View Of eventshigh

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Events in Shivamogga Can Be Fun For Anyone

Events in Shivamogga Can Be Fun For Anyone

You can receive Excellent training in all elements involved when preparing a wedding. Research in months what Many others have learned from many years of expertise. Get the abilities you require moreover master all tips and secrets thriving wedding planners retain!

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